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791 rte des lacs - La Cahuzière 81220 Damiatte, Tarn France
Telephone : +33 (0)5 63 706 607 - Mobile : 06 13 30 82 57
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Camping Le Plan d’Eau Saint Charles: Your Eco-Responsible Destination in Damiatte, Tarn

Located in Damiatte, in the Tarn department, Camping Le Plan d’Eau Saint Charles invites you to live a unique experience in harmony with nature. Nestled on the edge of a magnificent body of water, our campsite stands out for its commitment to eco-responsibility, guaranteeing environmentally friendly holidays.

We have set up a rigorous waste sorting system, with sorting bins accessible at the entrance to the campsite. This makes it possible to efficiently recycle glass, plastic, paper and organic waste.

The campsite lighting has been upgraded to exclusively use LED lamps. These bulbs, known for their low energy consumption and durability, help reduce our carbon footprint. Additionally, photocells ensure that the lights only come on when needed, saving additional electricity.

Aware of the importance of water, we have equipped all our taps with aerators and presto systems. These innovative devices reduce water consumption while maintaining adequate pressure, thus ensuring responsible use of this precious resource.

We use certain ecolabel and Ecocert certified cleaning products. These environmentally friendly products are biodegradable and free of harmful substances, contributing to the preservation of soil and water tables.

Finally, to protect the environment and the health of our visitors, we have chosen not to extend Wi-Fi to the entire establishment. This decision aims to reduce the impact of electromagnetic waves and encourage a reconnection with nature. However, a dedicated space is reserved for your free wifi connection on the terrace of the bar restaurant.

Camping Le Plan d’Eau Saint Charles in Damiatte, Tarn, is the ideal destination for an eco-responsible holiday. Join us to enjoy the natural beauty of our region while respecting the environment. To find out more and book your stay, visit our website.


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